Sunco,Secure Your Peace of Mind


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Brand Story&History

"Sunco"Brand Story

Mr Xue has a rich widow friend , and that friend had a very lovely young daughter . He loved his daughter very much , she was the apple of his eye . He could do whatever ,just for her happiness .

However,one day in 1994 , the lovely girl had been lost near their home . The father tried every means to find her out …as time passed by , the girl never came back again. And the policemen also failed to find her .No one could tell where the girl had gone .That would be very helpful if there would be a third eye watching what is happening  …and the father’s heart had been broken …He had no joy anymore ;there would be no sunshine in his life .


As the sad father's close friend , Mr Xue comforted and encouraged him ,tried to help the him feel sunshine still there .

Also to help more people avoid this misfortune  , Mr Xue began security camera business since then ; and named the cameras with "Sunco" .

And "Sunco"means "SUNshine COmes  soon”!

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