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Development of large data fields in the alarm operational services


Development of large data fields in the alarm operational services

With the development of the Internet, cloud computing gradually from the "foggy" gradually into our lives, big data has attracted more and more attention. Big data refers to the amount of data involved are too great to pass the current mainstream software tools, to capture within a reasonable time, manage, process, and organize to become more active to help business decision-making information purposes, the need for new processing mode in order to have more decision-making power, insight and process optimization capabilities found in force massive, high growth and diversification of information assets. Will feature the industry's big data summarized as four "V" (Volume (huge data volume), Variety (data type range), Value (the value of low density), Velocity (processing speed)):

1. The huge volume of data

In the era of big data, velocity data generated fast, large quantities. Traditional information processing unit can not meet the practical requirements, starting from the large unit of measurement data of at least P (1000 个 T), E (100 万 个 T) or Z.

2. The range of data types

Data is no longer limited to the traditional structured data, but text, audio, video, social networking, microblogging, e-mail and other unstructured data model, channel data sources than in the past greatly expanded, such as those from social networks, e-commerce, geographic information, etc.

3. The low value density

With the widespread use of the Internet and the Internet of Things, information perception everywhere, tons of information, but a lower value of the density, the accuracy requirements of the data is also decreased.The processing speed
Relying on distributed processing of cloud computing, distributed database and cloud storage, virtualization technology for massive data distributed data mining, real-time feature data is growing.

With the development of smart city construction, the field of security concerns about cloud computing and big data is also increasing. For alarm operator services, the industrial upgrading brings a depth of change is coming.

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