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Laser night vision cameras for nearly a decade of development and application reviews


In recent years, security surveillance, high-definition, networked, intelligent people already familiar. In fact, the video surveillance technology to the present, the control room monitoring and day under normal circumstances is not the problem, outdoor surveillance and field surveillance, night vision surveillance and monitoring of other special circumstances, making surveillance cameras sight, see far and heavy and difficult to improve the reliability of the product is the technological development. In this paper, the application and interpretation of the laser camera buy skills for these difficulties depth, hoping to give the majority of users and works to provide some reference.

Contrast laser camera (laser night vision) and other products

Night vision surveillance technology come from technology category can be divided into active infrared surveillance technology and passive infrared surveillance technology. Thus, we can be night vision surveillance products fall into two categories: active and passive night vision night vision surveillance products monitoring products. Active night vision surveillance products, mainly ordinary common infrared cameras and laser cameras; passive night vision surveillance products have night vision and infrared cameras.

Judging from the product's features and location, ordinary infrared camera is suitable for monitoring a range of 100 meters, the laser camera can usually see the 3000 meters and beyond the scope, and can be used in all-black environment; and shimmer night depending on the instrument for less than 1000 meters, moonlight and other faint light environment, infrared imaging is applicable to a wide range of wide-angle setting, monitoring more than 1,000 meters away, but was unable to distinguish image detail, can discern the outline of the image, the majority case applies only to find the target required to achieve a specific environment.

From the perspective of product applications, these night vision surveillance products is very obvious advantages and disadvantages

Ordinary infrared cameras, cheap, high market penetration, mainly for residential surveillance, monitoring, and some short-distance corridor small spaces need night vision surveillance. But also because of the low barriers to entry product, cohabitation, product quality varies greatly. Due to the physical limitations of the technology itself, so that the infrared radiation from the common LED lamp is difficult to break 100 meters.

Laser cameras, image effects, and clearly visible. Identifiable person, within three kilometers found within one kilometer of people, true to the situation. Monitor distance, versatility, adapt to the environment is strong, long life, low risk. (Also note that at the same time: active light laser light laser camera, usually are not visible to the human eye, when the camera is turned on using the power of the laser, when people are not especially close eye on as the laser light source). Through the fog on the ability, compared to the infrared camera has an absolute advantage, compared with the infrared camera, there are still some gaps. But for the price, much higher than the infrared cameras and night vision devices.

Infrared cameras and night vision devices, the military had previously been applicable environmental, forensic, and other specialized areas of man-portable, but also a lot of expensive product prices. Night vision illumination required on the environment, can not be imaged in the absence of moonlight lamp natural light conditions, and monitor a limited distance, over 1000 meters more difficult. And, under the bright light, dim light pipe easily burned during the day can not be used. Infrared can be divided into the cooling and non-cooling type, better ability to penetrate the fog, cooling thermal imager observation distance of up to 40 km, commonly used in the military field. And the use of environmental requirements, and the need to target the ambient temperature difference can be very good imaging. By ambient temperature impact, poor summer imaging results. However, due to the laser light source is a laser camera is not visible to the human eye, there is a certain hidden advantages and distance night vision surveillance technology advantages, in recent years has gradually been public prosecutor, technology law, forensic investigation field video and television news reporter special video reported a wide range of uses in the military field.

Thus, in the security night vision surveillance, laser camera application advantages are obvious, especially in highway, railway, public security police, energy, electricity, environmental protection, water conservancy, safe cities, airports, ports, oil depots, long-distance pipelines, large industrial area, the defense side of the sea, marine fishery, ecological protection, military bases and so on.
 Application advantages of laser cameras

Laser camera is accompanied by a surveillance camera in a laser light source, a laser light with spot uniformity enhancement technology, spot autofocus technology, strong luminosity, the picture is more uniform illumination: low power consumption, long life and other advantages.

Laser night vision technology is one way to achieve long-range night vision surveillance, because the laser has a high brightness, coherence is good, good color, good direction, long life and the extent of its CCD sensor is larger than the wavelength of the LED characteristics You can determine the laser irradiation greater distances, and the light intensity is much stronger than conventional light sources.

Compared with ordinary infrared cameras, features and advantages of the laser camera is mainly reflected in several ways:

The first is to monitor the distance. Laser distance surveillance cameras can be divided according to a close a laser camera (night vision surveillance effective distance is 100-500 m) and the distance between the laser camera (night vision surveillance effective distance is 500-1000 m) and long-range laser camera (effective night vision monitoring distance is 1000-3000 meters).

The second is to automatically adjust the lens focus, clarity is greatly improved. Although infrared camera at night will see the image, but often can not see the face, the other, ordinary infrared surveillance limited distance, which in some places demanding security monitoring is very regrettable. Laser camera can ignore the intensity of light, laser and ultra-low-light infrared light component parts, the camera can be achieved in near total darkness can close HD night vision, while maintaining image clarity. Many laser camera has some smart features, it can automatically adjust the length of the lens according to the distance and speed of an object moving in order to provide a clear image quality.

The third is longer life expectancy, laser surveillance camera is three times the normal life of the infrared camera. This is required under 24-hour surveillance of the environment, the more outstanding advantages.

The fourth is its low-carbon green features. Traditional infrared cameras great amount of heat, not only consume more power, and heat dissipation is not out of the fuselage, causing the body overheating, seriously affecting the life of the camera's electronic components, while laser cameras do not have this risks.Technical features and optional laser camerasFor nearly a decade of laser vision technology appeared in China, it is a form of active infrared night vision technology, the principle is the laser point light through an optical diffusion purpose lighting at night, its wavelength in 808,940 more , 980nm, a near-infrared light. Laser night vision surveillance systems using high amount of light through the night vision camera receives the reflected light imaging target, then low-light CCD camera to capture and output. Lighting systems, imaging lens, the camera of the three core components of the system, complement each other, a part of any bottleneck will lead the entire system can not reach the desired results.

At present, the common market, the integration of laser night vision cameras and laser night vision cameras split, and are based on optical and electrical integration and integrated technology, can clearly monitor the activities within the target range of 100-3000 meters in the dark of night, depending on the day up to 3000 meters.High-power semiconductor lasers laser design technology of the camera, in the same installation volume, net laser output power, in order to truly achieve the nominal distance monitoring. Secondary camera module developed optimization techniques, under the same lighting conditions, high-definition images. High-speed image focusing algorithm designed to solve the image autofocus is slow at night or low-light situations or repeatedly focusing problems. The camera zooming, laser illumination area can intelligent automatic full screen, without human intervention, can also manually adjust the distance and angle of the laser irradiation intensity.

Good laser camera products in laser safety needs fully into account, when POST laser remains closed automatically to the maximum dispersion angle laser starts. Power density of the laser can be automatically controlled by ensuring the lighting under the premise of high power density strict limits designed to meet national safety standard laser power density. In addition, according to custom, to increase auto-off feature, in the maintenance of detection, can automatically detect the proximity of people and objects, and immediately turn off the laser, to further ensure the safety of maintenance personnel.

At present the relevant technical staff aware monitoring system with night vision process, the need to do the following technical points:A photosensitive switch controls the laser and the laser is turned on and a black and white video camera must be synchronized state. Be sure to avoid the laser phenomenon open 24 hours, otherwise it will greatly reduce the life of the equipment.2, according to the site environment, consider setting the laser manual switch, for example, in the square, the light is on, you can consider turning off the laser, the effect will be better after the street is closed, open the laser, like maintaining good results, background controlled remotely.3, the laser lens synchronous interaction, the user simply control the zoom lens, the laser automatically follow to the right place, to avoid after zooming, and manually adjust the laser to find good results, but should avoid the previously mentioned, although the laser can zoom, but an increasing effect immediately on the poor.4, shields designed to fully consider the laser cooling, laser heating is great, even if said vacuum nitrogen filling, it is difficult to ensure that does not decay completely, fast heat, circulating air cooling is essential, even to be considered for special occasions micro air conditioning installation.5, the laser should have preset functions. Current head position, and even focus zoom lens have a mature preset function, if the call presets, everything is in place, then the laser is not in place, it is difficult to say that a mature system, the demand linkage alarm call preset especially important occasions. The accuracy of the system presets should also try to be accurate, otherwise this function as tasteless.6, try to choose the infrared unbiased focus lens. Difficult to imagine, if the bulk of the installed equipment, at night, all the time needed to focus, to the day, they need to do so again, the operation will cause great inconvenience, but unfortunately, currently on long-range shots, with infrared unbiased focus function is still limited, the product line seriously incomplete, therefore, can only develop large lens autofocus, mechanical adjustment or adjustment coating technology.7, in order to ensure the efficiency of the laser prior to use, and the lens cover glass stopper coating technology is also very critical, good coating technology, it is possible to enhance the 20% of the infrared light transmittance.8, under special circumstances to consider salt spray corrosion, through the fog, anti-glare and other advanced features, as much as possible so that the device is suitable for any environment.

Laser camera angle issues still need to improve, if we can do anything like this place the infrared light can be used, I believe eliminate infrared light just around the corner. Laser surveillance cameras with their own advantages, I believe that in the near future will be one of prosperity.

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