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Video surveillance systems contest between each transmission--(2)


Fiber and Optical 



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Since the advent of fiber since, because of its many advantages, quickly triggered a revolution in the field of communication transmission lines, the use of fiber-optic signal transmission advantage is reflected in: 
Bandwidth big, big signal transmission capacity; Attenuation small, long-distance transmission; Immunity is strong, free from electromagnetic interference; No burning, non-conductive, can be used for a variety of hazardous environments; Small size, light weight; Confidentiality and strong. 

Optical fiber and application monitoring field mainly solves two problems: First, the transmission distance, the second is environmental interference. Because both twisted pair and coaxial manner in electrical signal transmission, the transmission distance by signal attenuation, distortion and other factors affecting only suitable for short distances, the video surveillance system within a small range. If you need to transfer a few kilometers or even hundreds of kilometers from the image signals using optical fiber transmission is required; in addition, for some super interference place, in order not affected by environmental interference, fiber optic transmission mode can also be used. 

Fiber is divided into multi-mode fiber and single-mode optical fiber into two types: multi-mode fiber dispersion and attenuation due to the larger, it generally can not exceed the maximum transmission distance of 5km, but with a significant decline in the cost of single-mode fiber, with the exception previously been spread well, where multimode fiber, but in the new projects are generally no longer using multimode fiber, but the main use of single-mode fiber. 

Fiber Optical transmission control signal to be used, its main function is to achieve electricity - light and light - electricity conversion. Development of Optical has experienced several phases. 

Analog Optical 

The early 1990s, video transmission as the main business simulation Optical enter the Chinese market. At this point, the market is mainly a video (plus data), two-way video (plus data), 4-way video (plus data), 8-channel video (plus data), such as several relatively simple products. Several major application areas in the police, traffic police, municipal and other funding situation is better, there is an urgent demand for video services as well as high quality requirements of the industry. Analog Optical modulation techniques used in real-time transmission of images PFM signal. After the analog video signal transmitter PFM to be modulated, and then the electrical - optical conversion, the optical signal transmitted to the receiving end, and a photo - electric conversion, and then demodulates the PFM, to recover the video signal. As a result of PFM modulation, the transmission distance is very easy to reach about 30km. 
However, due to the use of analog signal transmission technology, nonlinear effects distortion signals generated in the long-distance transmission process leading to its transmission distance and capacity is severely limited, and the simulation Optical type of business is relatively simple. 

Digital Optical 

As digital technology compared to analog transmission technology in many areas have a distinct advantage, so as in many areas of digital technology replaced analog technology, Digital Optical gradually replace the original analog Optical, thus occupied the mainstream market. Optical digital video signal is generally a non-compressed digital video signal transmission manner, the principle that the analog video signal after the A / D conversion, and audio, and data signals are multiplexed, and then transmitted through the fiber. It is used to ensure high data rate transmission quality and real-time video signals, due to the very large bandwidth of optical fiber, can support high-bandwidth video signal transmission. Optical uncompressed digital images can provide good quality image transmission, reaching the broadcast transmission quality, and image transmission is a full real-time. Thanks to digital technology, the device can use communications technology has been very mature technologies such as multiplexing, optical transceiver technology, improve equipment reliability, while also lowering costs. Video Optical domestic manufacturers can provide a lot of their products are also different, but the basic principles and structure of the same. With the development of video surveillance systems, especially in the past two years, the goal of building multiple cities across the country social security monitoring system proposed, originally confined to a single department, a single industry, small and medium-scale video surveillance system has been difficult to meet the demand, so the system encompasses thousands of monitoring points, covering the entire metropolitan area, in the construction of this ultra-large-scale video surveillance system in the process of how to ensure that video, control signals high-quality, long-distance transmission has become a success or failure affecting the system the key issue. 

Optical generation of new advantages 

Large capacity 

Fiber theoretically provides unlimited bandwidth, plus the use of the use of wavelength division multiplexing technology for higher bandwidth optical devices are now Optical been able to provide 16, 32 or even 64 video Optical, and requires only a optical fiber, cable wiring saves cost. 

Multi-service transmission 

A new generation of Optical, not only can transmit video signals, but also can simultaneously transmit voice, data, telephone, traffic signal control and other multi-service Optical devices can greatly reduce the cost of monitoring system, worry and effort. 

A variety of transmission modes 

A new generation of Optical has not provided a single point of signal transmission mode, the use of wavelength division multiplexing techniques or time-division technology can achieve Bus video signal transmission, and signal routing channel or a single independent channels, so that you can maintain a high the latency. Such as (OTSystems brands Optical) Optical addition to the new generation of multiplexing, but also uses a self-healing network technology, its transmission network in accordance with the circular formation, the signal in accordance with the two-way transmission, the use of the transmission network constructed in this way has high reliability, the optical fiber does not affect the signal transmission at break. With switching functions 

Traditional Optical transmission function only with the exchange of the video signal in the monitoring center using video matrix implementation. In the construction of ultra-large-scale video surveillance system in this way will bring many problems. The new generation of Optical transmission and switching functions combine to form all-digital transmission, switching systems to improve system performance, simplify system architecture has great significance. 


Optical specific sound generation of intelligent network management functions, intelligent Optical mainly reflected in its manageability. Optical generally do not have the traditional network management functions, in small and medium sized video surveillance system, because the system is small, not much equipment, management and maintenance of the system of work is relatively simple, but in a large-scale video surveillance system, with network management functions Optical give users great convenience in management and maintenance. 

Platform, integrated, modular 

Optical increasingly reflect the new generation of its flexibility and convenience, compared to traditional PDH, PDH platform can be a highly integrated optical platform, light platform rack cabinet, modular structure, video input and output boards , network cards, network switching cards, data cards, the decoded output cards and other types of business cards can be integrated in an optical platform inside, forming a highly integrated optical platform, and then communicate with the outside world through a single optical fiber .

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